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1 day 15€ (on the door) / 12€ (advance)

2 days 28€ (on the door) / 23€ (advance)

3 days 39€ (on the door) / 30€ (advance)


When it came to ticket pricing we had two options:


- either, an affordable rate to ensure that culture is accessible to everyone,

- or, a higher rate to reflect the expenditure incurred and the high calibre of the event


We opted for an affordable rate to make the Festival accessible to everyone – coming from near or far and for one day or three (still bearing in mind that the Festival is 95 per cent self-financed)


*Your ticket gives you access to all the features outlined below



This 6th edition of the Festival spotlights ecology, local development and all things ‘home-made’


Thanks to the energetic input of our dedicated team of over 40 volunteers who’ve been working throughout the year everything is now in place to welcome you:


- A restaurant, a snack bar and two bars (designed by us) supplied by organic producers Bio du Magnoac

- An eco-friendly campsite with ecological toilets and solar showers (designed by us)

- An entire village festively decked out from pavement to chimney stack with our own colourful, finely crafted designs

- A high-calibre artistic programme throughout the day

- Stalls selling all types of handmade goods and home-made products


We hope you’ll enjoy the exciting, multi-faceted event we have in store for you.

See you in Monléon-Magnoac on 22-24 July!


The Organisers